Sleeping with the Enemy

This week, British Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, has condemned the new ISIL video featuring, what has been stupidly dubbed by the media, the ‘new Jihadi John’ as “propaganda”. Yet strangely enough, has nothing to say on the matter of Saudi Arabia publicly beheading 47 people in a single day.

This comes fresh off the back of last years record of 158 people executed. A massive 75% increase on the previous year, where the tally was a whopping 90.

Strangely this isn’t the only issue involving Saudi that Mr Cameron is remaining shtum on. It’s seems that repeated requests for him to tell the public if he voted for Saudi to head up a UN human rights panel has fallen upon deaf ears. It’s probably no wonder he wants to see the back of that pesky Freedom of Information act.


It seems that everyone and their dog, are trying to draw comparisons between ISIL and Saudi Arabia, trying to infer that Saudi are nothing but terrorists. Sure they both support similar Wahhabi ideology, and follow strict sharia codes. Both publicly execute, defile, and display the corpses of those that stand in their way, or don’t conform to their narrow view of Islam, but you only need to look up the word terrorism to see that Saudi Arabia’s “use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims” is in fact legitimate, and not terrorism.


the ‘unofficial’ or ‘unauthorised’ use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Quip aside, this act of mass killing included the execution of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. This single act may just prove to be the proverbial straw that breaks the Middle East’s back, for this has stirred up everyone’s favourite enemy, Iran. It would seem that countries are now clambering over one another to sever any political ties with Iran.

The relationship between Iran and most of the Middle East has never been hospitable to say the least. The Shia/Sunni schism has always been a major contention. Add to this the even older Persian/Arab tensions, and we have the perfect open tinderbox, and sparks have already started to fly over his execution.

Maybe Mr Cameron is keeping rather quiet on the subject, due to the spOILs of war, and trade in arms, or am I being too cynical? Either way, the fact remains that this single act of aggression could destabilise the Syria talks, where an average of 500 people a week have been killed over the last three years, and no doubt exacerbate the conflict in Yemen, if not the entire Middle East; playing right into the hands of the “official” terrorists, ISIL.

Time will tell…

L’Humanité sans frontières,

the Humanist Blogger.

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