Welcome to the first issue of The Humanist Blogger Magazine.

It’s no accident that I have chosen today to launch this magazine for independent bloggers, who by and large, are fair, open minded, intellectually honest, and are advocates of free speech, and stand in solidarity with the satirical magazine.

Today, (January 7th 2016), marks the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, and the latest look at the news, says a man has been shot after entering a police station in Paris, brandishing a knife, shouting ‘allahu akbar’. There is speculation that he may have been wearing a ‘fake’ suicide belt. Investigations continue.

If you’ve not read my ‘welcome’ post yet, I suggest you give it a quick scan to get an overview of what we are about, here at the Humanist Blogger.

Every Thursday at 14:00 GMT a link-up will go live. You have until the following Tuesday 14:00 GMT to link up a maximum of 2 posts. Don’t worry if you miss your chance to link up, the next edition is less than 48 hours away!

Copy the html text in the box below, and paste it to the bottom of the post you wish to share, in html mode. Add ‘#THBM’ to your tags, and hit ‘update’ to save the changes.

 &nbsp;<a href=""><img width="480" height="186" alt="" src="" title="" class="aligncenter size-medium"></a>&nbsp;

At the bottom of this page you will find a link up button, simply click the button, paste the url of your post into the relevant box, add a title and picture, then hit the post button.

All I ask of you for sharing your posts, is to share the love. Please take a few minutes to read and comment on at least two other posts, and don’t forget to add #THBM at the end of your comments.

Once your post is up and running on here, why not tweet the url link. Be sure to add #THBM and include me @thbmag so that I can give you a re-tweet.

L’humanité sans frontières

the Humanist Blogger.


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