No, I’m not celebrating the recent stream-ability of a certain Liverpudlian band. I am starting off this magazine with a call to arms, or rather pens; well mostly keyboards, but you know what I mean.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the beginning of 2016, and the beginning of this brand new E-zine, and here I am tapping you up for a few shekels. I know, the audacity right!?

No doubt, you’ve just made the first payment on your credit card, for all that crap you didn’t need, for the pagan…sorry, Christian appropriated festival you’ve just celebrated.

But wait! It’s not for me. That’s right, I don’t want your hard earned cash…well unless you’re giving it away. No? Ah well, I would have only given it away to one of these fine charities I have chosen to support.

Yes that’s right. I’m calling my shot, and this one’s going straight into the green monster. I have chosen a couple of registered international charities that have boots on the ground helping out those most desperately needing it, and will be setting up a ‘Just Giving’ page for them.

I plan on running for your money, that’s right I have been busy over the last six months, getting my fat arse up to the half marathon distance. My first official run will be at the end of March, and I’m working hard on achieving a sub 2 hour time. Here are my following choices. 

The first, is that well known terrorist organisation, currently being bombed by the west, Médecins sans frontières. They have been on the front line, providing emergency medical help across the globe for over 40 years, and are currently working in around 70 countries. Yes, you heard me right, 70 countries.

My second choice, is UNICEF. As a relatively new parent, I now know the fragility of human life. To hold a new-born in one’s hands, and realise that this life depends upon you for its survival, is the most humbling thing I have ever experienced.

Thirdly I have chosen to support a community chosen charity. After all this is your magazine, and I want you to shape it. Please leave your choice in the comments section of this post, and the charity that has the most votes by the end of January will become the third official charity for the year.

I know that cash is sparse in this current economic climate, and I’m not asking you to dig into your pockets right now. If you can’t afford to give a couple of coins away, that’s totally understandable, but you can still help.

If I could ask you to please use your social media outlets, to highlight these causes to your friends and family, that would be greatly appreciated.

I’m probably going to bore you to death with this, as I’m going to be banging this drum loud and often…c’est la vie.

L’Humanité sans frontières,

the Humanist Blogger.



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