Welcome to issue number 2 of the Humanist Blogger Magazine, the place where you get to publish and promote your humanist, secular, post/theist blog posts, alongside like minded bloggers.

A huge thanks to those that supported the first issue, with your posts, re-tweets, and comments. It means a lot, especially at this early stage.

So how does it work?

Every Thursday at 14:00 GMT a new edition will go live, and I invite you to come and share your work. It can be your latest post, an old favourite, or even both. You can share up to two posts each week, so that new readers of your work, can get a flavour.

Copy the html text in the box below, and paste it to the bottom of the post/s you wish to share, (don’t forget, you need to be in the html edit mode of your blog). Add ‘#THBM’ to your tags, and save the changes. When you view your post, you will now see the humanist blogger picture link at the bottom of your post.

<a href=""><img width="480" height="186" alt="" src="" title="" class="aligncenter size-medium"></a>&nbsp;


A slight change to last weeks format for the foreseeable future. All you need to do now, is tweet me the link to your post/s @thbmag, (don’t forget to use the hashtag #THBM), or email it to me  ( and I will imbed it into this weeks magazine, so that it will appear in this page.

As soon as your post has been published, I will re-tweet your post. Please note, your post will not be published if you don’t have the ‘humanist blogger’ picture link in you post, so please double check your post before tweeting me. If you’re having trouble then give me a shout and I will help out. 

All I ask of you for sharing your post is to please, share the love. Take a few minutes to read and comment on at least two other posts, and don’t forget to add #THBM at the end of your comments.

L’Humanité sans frontières,

The Humanist Blogger.

the Humanist Blogger ~ The Cost of Free Speech


Pinkdodgem ~ No Heathens in the Halls


Pinkdodgem ~ How to Handle Heathens in the Deep South
Pre History…The Past Within Us

If you are an independent atheist, secular, humanist blogger and you would like your work featured in this new E-zine, then please, reach out to me via Twitter, @thbmag or email, 

L’Humanité sans frontières,



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