Demon Rising

I’ve had to hang my head in shame this last week. One of my demons slipped it’s shackles, and bubbled to the surface.  

The brief escape of this demon was quelled almost instantly…almost, but not before thoughts of drawing my sword in anger, had bounced around in my head, and that is not the way of a warrior.

‘What could possibly infuriate me so much, as to think of resorting to violence?’ I hear you ask. Pure and simple…Sexism.

Anyone that knows me, knows that one of the things that really makes my blood boil is misogyny, and this last couple of weeks has seen a domino effect of stories from across the globe, land at my feet.

First was an interview with Mia Raven, on the Q podcast. Founder of the Montgomery Area Reproductive Justice Coalition, Mia is helping women access health care, amid what can only be described as terrorism, that they face when trying to visit a clinic. Literally becoming a barrier between women, and pro-life terrorists, who hurl abuse, try to take pictures to put on social media, and even sometimes try to follow home.

Secondly, I had received an email update on a petition I have signed, to ask Theresa May, to create an exclusion zone outside clinics, so that women can access health care without harassment from pro life groups here in the UK.

This was followed by the extremely late reporting, by mainstream media, of the attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, which then opened the floodgates to over a dozen cities across Europe reporting similar attacks. (Just goes to show how much self censorship there is in the media).

The coup de grâce, was a YouTube video about this “growing practice” of taharrush gamea, or ‘rape game’, where gangs of men coordinate attacks against women, during large gatherings. I managed to get about two minutes into the video before I switched it off. I was so appalled.

If you do go and search out these videos, a word of warning. If the video wasnt harrowing enough, with mainstream media dropping the ball on this issue, the far right have taken it up and use it as anti immigration propaganda.

The weekend has seen a bill to end child marriages in Pakistan thrown out, because it was deemed as “Un-Islamic”, and “Blasphemous”. The proposal was to raise the age of marriage for women from 16 to 18, and to impose stricter penalties for those trying to arrange marriages of minors.

The Council of Islamic Ideology gives advice to parliament, on the compatibility of laws with Sharia. It’s not the first time they have opposed this idea, and they object any minimum age requirements, saying they should be able to marry once they have reached puberty, which can be as early as age nine. That’s right, they want the right to force children into servitude.

This vile council have also gone as far as to say that DNA evidence should be inadmissible in rape cases, and that the victim must provide four witnesses to the alleged offence!

Talking of inadmissible DNA evidence in a rape case, Ehsan Abdulaziz was cleared of rape, claiming that he “accidentally fell” on an 18 year old girl, and “may have penetrated her.” His defence also claimed that she was lying because “she was embarrassed that the defendant didn’t want to sleep with her.” All of this, after he claimed that “nothing ever happened.” 

Twenty minutes of Ehsan’s testimony was given in private. One can only assume that this was the point a briefcase full of money exchanged hands, and the innocent verdict was well and truly in the bag.

You can join the call for justice by  signing this petition

…And on it goes. As I pen this post, the news is on in the background, telling me David Cameron threatens to deport Muslim women if they don’t learn to speak English, claiming they will be able to talk their children out of “extremism”. No talk of charging imams for insighting intolerance? Hate? Violence? Jihad?

Regardless of language, all women communicate with their children. The problem lies within the ideology that Muslim women are the lowest rank in the household. A four year old boy is given more respect than his mother, a mother that has bore, fed, and raised this child.

It would seem, the old adage of the sword being a compensation for ‘short comings’ in unmentionable areas of men’s anatomy is rife.

My sword is an extension of my mind, and I strive for every cut to be purposeful, decisive, perfect. It is used to help, not hinder. To free, not enslave. For liberality not tyranny.

I can only hope you will forgive my momentary transgression.

L’Humanité sans frontières,

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3 thoughts on “Demon Rising”

  1. I have been following these stories too…
    Truly sickening.. We seem to have a war against secularism and human rights… Perpetrated by religion when i thought we were making headway 😞

    Liked by 1 person

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