#BASH! Ground Zero

Welcome to #BASH! (Blogging Atheists, Secularists & Humanists). A bloggers E-zine, taking a look at the news, through the lens of the blogger.

In each issue, I pick a selection of blog posts from the growing list of contributors, that covers current news stories, reflects a certain social topic, or generally blows my mind that I must share it with the community. Just click on the pictures to read this weeks chosen blog posts.

So, without further ado, welcome to ground zero, as it were.

For me, the last couple of weeks has seen a multitude of mysogynistic morsels mentioned by the mainstream media outlets, and it’s damned near drove me to madness.

the Humanist Blogger – Demon Rising

What’s even more infuriating is the fact that this will blow over when the media takes up a new topic to harp on about, and it will look like isolated incidents, soon to be forgotten. But it’s not…

December 2012. 23 year old Jyoti Singh, (India’s daughter), lost her life to the horrific injuries sustained from a brutal gang rape on a bus in Delhi. Demonstrators asked how this could happen, in what what was dubbed ‘India’s most brutal gang rape’.

Since then, according to India’s records bureau, the problem has worsened. 36,735 rapes were recorded in 2014. That’s one woman every 14 minutes! Of those, 2,543 were gang rapes. Note that these are ‘recorded’ incidents, if the Stats from the England and Wales are anything to go by, then only about 15% of sexual assaults are actually reported. 

Where are the demonstrators now? Have we just become numb from the neck up? Apparently so. The figures for England and Wales make India look relatively good. One woman every 6 minutes! But all we hear about in the UK is “gang rape in India”.

I will leave the last word on this topic, to the pen of @nicemangos. Here we see a country trying to distance itself from the problem, whilst pointing out the problem across the border. And worse still,  the apologists hard at work, defending rapists, and rape culture, blaming the women that get abused, left broken and bleeding in the gutter, like discarded newspapers, ignored by all, forgotten by a society that makes excuses for its lack of action.

Nice Mangos – On Nirbhaya: No ‘Honor’ Between My Legs

You’ve probably noticed a slight dislike for the mainstream media in this post, and maybe a touch of disdain for the apologists of this world, whose words permeate the above mentioned outlets of “news”.

This is the whole reason for starting this e-zine. To highlight the stories that don’t, but should make the news. It seems the only people out there calling the truth, are the bloggers…and their reward? Getting hacked to death for raising an eyebrow, a question, a pen. 

I am sure this community will let me know if I ever become a lazy writer, start pushing a propagandist party line, or even become a contender for the ‘Xerox writer of the Year’. (I think I’ll leave that title to “some guy”).

I’m sure @GSpellchecker will be keeping his eye on me, that’s for sure.

Godless Spellchecker – Tweet First, Think Never
I’m sure you get the idea now, so I will just leave you with a little lighthearted look at a laugh-out-loud moment shared by @godless_mom  on G+ this week.

Godless Mom – G+ post

This issue is just an example, showcasing what you can expect if you are happy to let me link up to your work. That’s right, sending traffic direct to your site, at no cost to you, well…not monetary at least.

If you are an independent atheist, secular, or humanist blogger, vlogger, or podcaster, and you would like your work featured in this new E-zine, then please, reach out to me via Twitter, @thbmag or email, thbmagz@gmail.com

The one thing bloggers love more than footfall on their doorstep, is a comment on the work they have produced. That said, all I ask in return for sharing your work, is that you share this magazine each week, through your social media sites, using the #BASH! hashtag, and drop a comment on a couple of posts, (when your work is featured). That’s it, I promote you, you promote me, and together we can build a community of like minded people, that can come together to move the earth to help those in need.

L’Humanité sans frontières,

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