#BASH! No.2

Wow! A massive thank you to everyone. I was totally blown away by all your support, and words of encouragement last week, for my first ever #BASH!

This week I am changing it up, to introduce you fine folk to the second strand that will make up the DNA of this Ezine. That of charitable causes and petitioning.

Finally after two months of training, I am back to where I was before injury struck, at the beginning of last December…and just in time I might add. Some of you may know that last summer, I got my fat arse up out of the couch, and onto the trail, with the goal of running and raising some well needed money for charity.

Well I’ve only gone and done it! I’ve signed up for my first official run. A local half marathon that runs twice a year. One is hoping to stay injury free between now and March 20th, but if not, you can expect to see me complete it either walking with the aid of crutches, or in a wheel chair if needs must.

One of my first posts was a call for Help, in which I outlined the charities I have chosen to run for. I have now set up Just Giving pages for these charities, and you are all welcome to donate at any time over the next year, some, or even all of your hard earned shekels, because you are all so damned nice. Or you can wait until I officially post the completion of a run, and then donate.

Founded in Paris in 1971, Médicines Sans Frontières (MSF), is a non-profit organisation, providing emergency medical help across the globe. If you wish to help me raise some cash for them, then please visit my Just Giving page.

My second choice of charity is UNICEF. Children are literally our future, and UNICEF have been helping children across the globe with aid, medicine, and education, since the end of the Second World War. If you wish to donate to this charity follow this link.

There is a third option that I outlined in my post. I would like you kind folk to choose a third charity by leaving your choice in the comments below, so please do, but hurry. I would ideally like to set up a donation page by the end of February at the latest.

If you follow my Twitter feed at all, you may have noticed that I share a lot of petitions. Set up by ordinary people that would like a bit of social justice in the world. Sticking it to the man, as it were. A fly in the ointment.

Whether it be telling multinationals to “pay some bloody tax”, or the government to “Frack Off!” You can guarantee Joe Public has started a petition; and I will be here sharing the latest so that you fine folk can lend your John Hancock to the cause.

Here’s a few of the latest that have landed in the ‘In Box’. I hope you can join me #SignAndShare.


Protect the Poorest
Investigate Google & HMRC’s tax deal

Support childrens’s right to education

Okay, time to take a look at the latest posts from the bloggers in the growing list of contributors. If your not on the list and you’d like to be, just give me a shout on Twitter.


UN Report widespread and sytematic attacs on civilians

An Open Letter to St. Andrew’s Primary School


Ecological Zones and their Irrefutable Relation to Economic Developement

Since last week I’ve had a few requests from the world of podcasting. If your not on the list, just give me a shout via Twitter. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s on offer this last week.


Episode 63

Episode 2-105

Episode 96

Episode 125
Epispode 37
Episode 42

Well there you have it! Another week over, and that’s it for January. Before you know it we’ll be putting up the old Xmas tree again. (331 days if you’re interested). 😂

Until next week,

L’Humanité sans frontières



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