#BASH! No.3

Many of us are interested in social justice. Whether it be helping to raise money for those less fortunate, or tackling corruption in the government or private companies. Our goal is to create a better world for humanity, free from pain and suffering. A noble cause indeed, but I often feel we are doomed to repeat the cycle of helping alleviate the consequences, rather than tackle the causes, ad nauseam.

We are constantly looking outward, searching for the things that help us to grow, individually and collectively, and it has put us in good stead. We have advanced technology, far beyond our current needs. We can modify crops that are now resistant to pests, extreme temperatures, and disease…yet global hunger still exists.

Why is this? I feel one of the main reasons is due to our instinctive impulse to hoard, a throwback to when resources were scarce. We would protect what we had from other tribes. This instinct, has been left unchecked, and has fed into itself and grown into greed.

Greed is a demon we could do without in today’s civilised society. We have far more resources for everyone than we could ever need, so why does greed still exist? I believe it’s because we have been too busy looking out, that we have forgotten to look within ourselves. To keep these demons in check.

When it comes to introspection, we become scared, we don’t want to see the real ugliness of our nature, ‘we’re far too civilised for that‘, we kid ourselves. It’s taboo to remind ourselves that we are just an animal, using our instincts for survival.

There is still, in this day and age, a stigma about addressing the issues of our mental health, that most refuse to seek help, until the problem starts to affect those around us. By understanding how we tick, I feel we will be better equipped to help not only ourselves, but our wider community, our global village.

We are all to quick to embrace those wonderful fluffy emotions of love and happiness, but there are plenty of negative emotions within us all, jealousy, hatred, self loathing, and we shy away from them, deny the existence of them. Although they cannot be irradicated, we can come to understand them, and ease the suffering they cause with introspection.

Once we can recognise our own unconscious behaviours, we can learn to bypass them, and move forward in a meaningful way. If enough people do this, we can change the collective perception of society for good.

Check out this post from @Mokita for a more eloquent take on reflection, and social perceptions.

Our Life, It’s a Shared Consciousness

Of course, achieving this state of “awakening” on a global scale will take time. The drip drip effect on our social perception has started. Just take a look at the progression of women’s rights, or LGBT rights over the last century. The process has begun, and the more of us that look into ourselves, the more we can turn the tap, and the faster the flow of that precious water of life will be.

So I challenge you all to take a look inward, stop hiding from your awkward perceptions and fears. Face them, and you will notice that you CAN overcome them.

By recognising our subconscious biases, we can learn to bypass them. Even though I pride myself on being a staunch advocate for equality, due to the society I grew up in, and the media I consumed, I have unconscious biases against colour and gender. With this understanding, I can recognise my initial ‘gut reaction’, pause for a second, and move past these feelings to engage without prejudice.

Check out this great post from @jenthehumanist. Be sure to check out the free course, and test your unconscious biases.

Hidden Biases

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One thought on “#BASH! No.3”

  1. It is and always has been about the bottom line. If there’s a way for a privileged few to make money out of the suffering of the masses, then those great and good will find it… Even at the expense of the planet.

    Love him or hate him, you can’t argue with the science that Al Gore brings to the table.

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