#BASH! No5

Welcome one and all to Issue #5 of #BASH!

This week @atheist_andy sticks two fingers in the air at science…because he can!

This wonderful post eloquently explains the science behind the elusive dark matter and dark energy, and Andy refuses to believe!

Clothe the Heavens With Blackness

@Godless_mom has been having a little trouble with a horrible disease known as the ‘Afflecktion’ appearing in her timeline. You know, where attacking one religion is fine, but if you attack a different one, you’re a bigot.

A Quick Lesson…

If you’ve never heard of @timminchin then this is your chance to atone for your sins, and listen to his holiness’ brand new little ditty. @godlessspellchecker links to Tim’s new song calling for Cardinal Penn to appear before the courts, and give testimony on child abuse cases. He also links to Tim’s amazing ‘Storm’. I know even if you’re a fan, you just have to listen again!

Come Home (Cardinal Penn)

@Jenthehumanist highlights how easy critical thinking helps you to make informed choices in her new post.

Lacking Motivation?

With valentines last week, @journalofmokita gives us a quick look at Plato’s symposium on the myth of the missing half, via a lovely little animation from the OU.

The Myth of the Missing Half

I hate to end on a solemn note, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, so I’m going to leave the last word to Lucy.

I’m sure you all join me in offering condolences to @thereallucydee for the loss of her uncle, and the difficult times ahead.

The Chaos of Death


L’Humanité sans frontières.


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issue #1


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