#Wh1Te N0izE! No.2

Welcome to issue number two of White Noise, a weekly look at, or rather listen, to the latest podcasts from the atheist, secular, humanist world.

Before I get into this weeks awsome audio, I would like to thank all of you wonderful people for reading, sharing, and re-blogging my work. I was so overwhelmed by the response to my first issue, so thank you all, you are amazing!

As always, if you are a podcaster and you would like your work featured each week, then give me a nudge over on Twitter. Or if you have a recommendation, I will happily have a chat.

After two months away from our ears, the antipodean audio Adonis, @AdamReakes, returns with his awesome show! A catch up with @1GodlessWoman, to discuss the amazing things she has been doing. Some news that promises a biweekly show, and…a certain pastor with a penchant for latte plus.

EP 97

@GSpellchecker interviews Leanne Scorzoni a writer, and convert to Islam. To discuss the compatibility of her faith and her progressive values. 

EP 77

Mathew the apostle celebrates reaching 100 this week, by taking an indepth look at two old stories that are always in the front of his mind. Happy birthday sire, (completely unsolicited, I assure you). 😂

EP 100

Eiynah and Paul have a polite conversation with one of those regressive types. Listening to him fumble his way around the questions is absolutely terrible. He’s like a 5 year old being asked to explain algebra transposition. Maybe he had something playing on his mind, like fumbling with Momo’s butt hole or something.


After being doxxed last weekend by a couple of british neo-nazi douchebags, The Q shares one last audio file, (EP112, 8mins), before going on hiatus. The link below also has EP111, another excellent interview, this time with Maha Kamal, lawyer and author of children’s book, The Big Book of Questions.

EP111 & EP112

Robert and Amy discuss, among other things, is atheism actually natural? And Saudi Arabia starting up their own Hogwarts. 


Waiting 4 Wrath crack open a beer, and rip apart the news in their usual manner, with guest Dan from Thank God I’m Atheist.

EP 67

Well, that’s all for this week. If you are a podcaster and you want me to share your work here, then get in contact and I’ll be happy to share. If you have a favourite show, that you would like me to check out, I will give a listen, and a share!

L’Humanité sans frontières,

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