#BASH! No.6

Welcome one and all to issue number 6 of #BASH! Your weekly look at the latest blogs from the atheist, secular, humanist community.

This week @godlessmom is frustrated by the way people tell her how she feels, and what she thinks, and the fact that it’s the polar opposite of the truth.

6 Frustrations…

After listening to @GSpellcheker’s latest interview, a fruitless affair, where the interviewee failed to answer the most basic of questions, even when posed several times, I wondered how will he ever get up in the morning and continue life, let alone blogging and podcasting.

I’m guessing it must be the week for it, as here he shares another painstaking interview between two of the biggest activists of our time.

Maryam Namazie on Sam Harris’s Podcast


We all struggle at times. We all feel down, and unmotivated. These stumbling blocks are strewn across our path, and when we come across one, what do we do, how do we cope? @JentheHumanist gives as that little nudge in the right direction, so that we can pick ourselves up, and carry on.

Answering the Question: Why?

As Pete Townshend once asked, “Who are You?” So we ask ourselves, and invariably the answer is always different. So who are we? @JournalofMokita gives us a little lesson with the help of Erving Goffman, and the wonderful Stephen Fry.

Is Our Innate Sense of Self an Illusion?

Dylan Raines of the Raines Journal  is planning on walking 100 miles to raise money that will help South Sudan get water. A basic human requirement that millions lack access to. Please read, share, and donate.

How Many Steps Will You Take?


I hope this weeks collection has stimulated you as much as I.

If you are a blogger that would like your work showcased in this Ezine, then please, give me a shout, either in the comments box below, or over on Twitter.

L’Humanité sans frontières,

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