#BASH! No7

Roll up! Roll up! Issue number 7 of #BASH! has hit the street!

Having not writen anything past 2,000 words since uni, I can only imagine how much you want to pull your hair out, at the slow grind toward any achievement, for the amount of work you’ve put into writing a book. Well, that and the fact I haven’t got any hair to pull out. Mathijs Beckers, author of ‘Highway to Dystopia’ shares his frustration at the lack of feedback from his peers, even if it’s negative, I can learn from it, he concludes.

I must admit, I’m a little bemused as to why he has had so little response to his work, as it is a hard hitting, thought provoking piece, that opens the eyes to the dangers of our biggest enemy, climate change.

The Bread and Butter for any Writer: Reviews
@Atheist_Andy Owns it like a boss this week. All of it, not just the good stuff, warts and all, and yes, Andy, it’s all your fault! Now we know who to blame, it all falls at your door. 😉 

It’s All My Fault!

@GodlessMom takes time to point out the reason she does what she does so tirelessly.  Understandably she is pissed off with the back biting and over analysis of a difference of opinion, when there are bigger fish to fry. People are still being imprisoned, flogged and killed, while we bicker amongst ourselves over differing opinions.

How Outspoken Atheists are Failing Miserably

Godless Spellchecker brings us news of a fight for reason, against those who feel offended by having to actually sit next to a woman on a plane. I wonder if it was his mother, would he have been so offended? The fact that this woman, a holocaust survivor, has seen more death and hatred than this little brat could ever imagine, make me want her to put him across her knee, and tan his stupid arse! Definitely going to keep tabs on this story!

Holocaust Survivor Suing Jewish Airline for Gender Discrimination

As luck would have it, I have taken the time to read Mathijs’ wonderful book, and write a review. So without further ado, I give you ‘Highway to Dystopia’.

Highway to Dystopia (a Book Review)

@Jenthehumanist reminds us that there is no such thing as Struggle free parenting. Bringing up children is hard work, but so worth it. One question Jen. Where was this information at 5am this morning 😉

Struggle Free Parenting?
On March 22nd, Dylan Raines begins a 100 mile walk for water. Day one has been planned, and if you would like to send him off in style, or walk some of the way with him, then here’s all the information you need.

Walk for Water Day 1

Finally, @secularscarlet picks out a few choice names from the world of science, to show us the evolution of the Big Bang theory in all its glory.

Atheism…Bang, Bang
Well, that’s it for this weeks round-up. As always, show these wonderful people some love, with a comment, a share, or simply a like or follow on the various social media sites of your choosing.

L’Humanité sans frontières,


#BASH! No.6

#Wh1TeN0izE! No.2

Demon Rising

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