#Wh1TeN0izE! No.3

Welcome to issue three of white noise, a round up of the latest podcasts from the world of atheists,secularists, and humanists.

First up, apologies for the lack of issue last week, but ill health put me out of action for a couple of days. Fear not, I’m feeling better so let’s get on with the audio analysis.

For those of us that have been left behind after the rapture, there is only one radio station left to listen too. Namely, Kusa 9 news at night, and you can expect the usual strange goings on from the crazy cast.

S2 Ep3 ~ Free Water

@GSpellchecker welcomes back @ascotsmanabroad, (glad to see you back on your feet sire), for another myth taking episode. In this episode, they discuss the Catholic Church and no obligation to report abuse. The Harris/Namazie fiasco, and @SalmanRushdie’s fatwa.

Taking The Myth

Mathew the apostle brings us a short episode this week with a couple of articles, and Tim Minchin’s latest song about Cardinal Pell. (Always worth a listen!)
Mathew is up to his eyeballs in work, so this will be the last chance to catch up for a couple of weeks. Hope all goes well sire.

Ep105 ~ No Tithe? Suck it Bitch!

This week on the Paranormal Skeptic Academy, Chris rips apart another episode of Squatch Wars. Yes that’s right people, there is a TV show where ‘Merica and Canada go head-to-head in the hunt for imaginary monsters, and believe that they’re real! 😩

Ep27 ~ Squatch Wars

Over on the Q Podcast Paul talks about Vive Charlie’s attempt at body shaming Mariam Namazie in the name of “satire”. It seems Mariam is in everyone’s spotlight at the moment. They say there’s no such thing as bad press, so as long as her amazing work keeps getting highlighted, we can chalk it up to a win, as her detractors will soon find another target for their ‘sticks and stones.’ Hopefully it will be somebody that deserves to be ridiculed.

Ep114 ~ Paradigm Shift

Robert and Amy of Secular Yakking drop a couple of bombshells, including the fact that Obama was a male prostitute in his 20’s so that he could find his drug habit.

Ep43 ~ Is is a Conspiracy?

As always BEER! Oh…and some discussion about news articles, including Instagram pictures of food causes cancer in children…so stop doing it! And while your at it stop posting food pictures on Twitter and Facebook, your not helping my diet. Oh…and did I mention beer?

Ep69 ~ The One Where We Read Good

Your Voice is a brand new show, that features, you guessed it, your voice. Listeners get to share their personal stories of love, loss, triumph, and tragedy, and with each and every episode, I find myself more and more humbled.

Ep6 ~ Loneliness

Well, that’s all for this week folks. If you’re a podcaster, or you have a favourite show that you would like featured, then just drop a comment on the bottom of this post, and I’ll be happy to accommodate.

Until next time,

L’Humanité sans frontières.


#BASH! No.7

Highway to Dystopia (a book in review)

Demon Rising



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