#BASH! No.8

Namaste my fellow humans. As always it brings me great pleasure to introduce this weeks collection of blog posts for your perusal.

Come out from behind the couch. Godless Mom doesn’t bite…much. Well, unless you’ve barricaded the door to your cozy little “La, La, La, I’m not listening” room. In that case, fluff up your unicorn pillows, and skip on to the next article.


In his latest article Stephen tackles those that show support for a murderer, in particular, Mohammad Shafiq, former Liberal Democrat, and CE of the Ramadhan Foundation. It seems Shafiq opposes the ‘misapplication‘ of basphemy laws, but is, as yet, unwilling to clarify what he means by his phrase, and will block you if you ask.

Will Mo Shafiq Please Outline the Correct Application of Blasphemy Law?

JentheHumanist outlines why and how we can raise our children to become thinkers. By discussing, with them, the thought processes behind making boundaries and other moral issues.

Teaching Kids How to Make Good Decisions
 NiceMangos unravels the absurdity of organised religion, with the help of a guest post from @kissmyroti.

The Absurdity of Islam…In Space

I’m afraid that’s it for this week, so let me to wish you all a safe, and fun filled weekend.

L’Humanité sans frontières,



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