#HELP! No.1

Welcome one and all to the first issue of #HELP! A quick look at the petitions and fundraisers that are going on right now, that you can help with.

With governments and multinationals trying to screw everyone and everything, at every turn for a few dollars, more and more of us are starting, and signing petitions, protesting, and raising money for good causes, and those less fortunate than ourselves.

I receive emails every day for various petitions and fund raisers, which some of you may have noticed, is the main staple of my Twitter feed.

I have decided to go a step further and link  up all the latest news in a blog post to try and help raise awareness. 

As some of you know, I have decided to support, and raise money for MSF and UNICEF, by running. This Sunday (20th March 2016), I am taking part in my first ever run, a half marathon. So far, thanks to friends and family I have about £400 pledged so far. Now I’m calling on my online friends to chose a charity and donate, as much as you can afford. Just click on the links below, and you will be taken to my Just Giving page, where your donation will go directly to the charity.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support.

Okay, to start off this Ezine, here are a few petitions  that I have recieved over that last couple of days, so please, take a look, and #SignAndShare! These issues on your social media networks.







I am in no way asking you to sign everything you see on this page, in fact some you won’t be able to sign, just because of geography. I only ask that you take a look, and act in accordance with your philosophy on life.

Even I don’t sign petitions that I disagree with, or are just plain silly in order to make a point; and I don’t expect you to go against what you believe. I mearly ask that you take a look at each petition, and the information supplied before you make your decision.

The choice is yours. The only thing I ask, is that if you chose to act on any of the issues I highlight, then please #SignAndShare! on your various social media sites.

If you have a petition, or fund raiser that needs promoting, and I haven’t yet plugged it, please give me a shout out via Twitter, or in the comments below, and I will give you an RT, and get you on the next issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you have put your name to a few good causes, and shared.

Until next time,

L’Humanité sans Frontières



A review of this weeks blogs



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