#BASH! No.9

Welcome to issue 9 of #BASH! Your weekly browse of brilliant blog posts.

One of the main passions of critical thinking bloggers, other than writing of course, is reading, and with that in mind, I think you’re going to love the latest blogger to join the ranks here at this little publication.

Matthew James, author of ‘Only An Atheist Can Help God Save the World‘, is a reviewer of books, graphic novels, and comics. His book reviews cover both fiction, and non-fiction, and in particular politics, so we can expect a good hearty mix of business and pleasure here.

Enough from me, check out Matthew’s latest review of Owen Jones’ ‘The Establishment’.

The Establishment

Godless Mom puts missionary work in the spotlight this week, and shows us the negative impact, of what portrays to be charitable work toward our fellow humans in desperate need.

7 Misconceptions About Christian Missionaries

Stephen Knight shares an expose from the BBC’s Newsnight, showing the downright underhanded, and hateful tactics used to remove female Muslim voices from local politics in Britain today. Thankfully, these women are beginning to speak out.

Some Muslim Women are kept out of Politics by their Community

The Humanist Blogger has published the first issue of #HELP! A post that has pulled together some of the latest petitions that tackle concerns such as animal cruelty, climate change, and human rights, that require your John/Jane Hancock’s, and I also talk about my imminent 1/2 marathon for charity.

#HELP! No.1

JentheHumanist takes a quick look at the woo of the positive thinking movement.

Bad Thoughts Can’t Make You Sick!

And finally, Dylan Raines asks ‘what will you do for safe water on World Water Day?’ He also outlines his 100 mile walk from Seattle to Canada to raise money for clean wells in South Sudan.

What Will You Do for Safe Water?

Well thank you all again for your wonderful support, and I will see you all again next week…that is, if I survive running 13 miles on the weekend.
L’Humanité sans frontières


#BASH! no.8



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