A Study in Sexism

A scientific study conducted, at two separate locations, Toronto, and more recently London, concludes that sexist men, have extremely small penises.

The studies were conducted at University of Toronto, where students attending a lecture, were asked to separate according to gender. Obviously some were a little concerned with this decision, and quite rightly refused to do so. The second at London School of Economics where they segregated attendees of a dinner event.

The men in attending, were then observed, on visiting the rest room, in order to assess the size of their appendage.


“The conclusion of this report, took slightly longer than anticipated”, said student John Thomas, “as two of the students collecting the data, needed to visit a minor injuries unit, one for ‘neck pain’ from over craning, and one for an ocular contusion”.

This small sample of 135 sexist men, resulted in a conclusion that 98% of them did in fact have what has been euphemistically named ‘wet fingers’. An ancillary study noted that 76% of those men didn’t wash their hands afterward.

Fellow student, and co-collaborator, Mr Richard Johnson, said, “The study will now be enhanced, and will include men charged with domestic abuse, rape, and gun ownership. We will also be looking at Donald Trump supporters”. He added, “We are very confident that our extended study will bolster our initial results”.

When some of the students were told of the study, most men were of the opinion that the lecture was quite progressive, as they were letting women learn.
L’Humanité sans frontières


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