Run Fat Boy, Run

I’m sure many of you know, probably because I keep on about it, that your humble narrator decided to run for charity, well I did it. I’ve taken part in my first race!

I took up running back in July  2015, with the goal of loosing a few pounds, and raising a few pounds, Stirling that is.

Since then I have built up from getting in a sweat just getting off the couch, to the half marathon distance. The time it took me to do my first 5k, is now how long it takes to do 10k, and if my calf muscles hadn’t ceased up at the 11 mile mark, I would have smashed out a sub 2 hour time, on my first ever half marathon!

My official time, as recorded by a gps chip on my race number, was 2:12:13.

As you can imagine, having to walk the last two miles, left a rather foul taste in my mouth, and that’s putting it politely! But there was absolutely no way I was going to let it get the best of me. One minute I was lamenting my piss poor training, (I’ve only ran about 230 miles over the last nine months), the next, I was breaking into a painful, yet slow run telling myself, ‘I’ve got it easy compared to those who I’m raising money for!’


Talking of those I’m raising money for, barring a few quid still outstanding, my jolly little jaunt around the forest, raised roughly £560 for MSF, and UNICEF, from my friends and family, for which I would love to extend a heartfelt thank you. I am totally blown away with your generosity, seriously…you all ROCK!

If you haven’t yet, but would like to make a contribution, please click on these handy little links that will take you to my just giving pages. Your money will go direct to the charity of your choice, and you also have the option to gift aid if you are a UK tax payer.


If you’re unsure what these charities actually do with your money, here are some handy little links where you can find out more about what Médicins Sans Frontières & UNICEF do.

Once again, thank you all for raising a few Rands for my run. Rest assured I am in the process of recceing my next run, however, this isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill, organised, tried-and-tested, and regulated run…I’ve said too much, so I will leave you to let your imagination go wild. 😉

L’Humanité sans Frontières,


Check out the latest saga in my charity running by clicking the link below.

The Fan Dance

Are you passionate about human rights, animal welfare, and global warming? Then click the link below so that you can #HELP!


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6 thoughts on “Run Fat Boy, Run”

  1. Congratulations! I’m working on my first 1/2 marathon myself so I’m all ears about how it went for you. There is no shame in walking – I run/walk all my runs due to dodgy knees and who cares? It’s about getting out there and hitting the road in whatever way you can. And what an amazing achievement to have raised so much for these wonderful charities at the same time. (I’m intrigued about your next run too!!) Thanks for sharing this at #sharethejoy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. It was a totally amazing thing to do. Getting swept away with the crowd was a strange experience, and it took me forever to calm down and run my own pace. Good luck with your 1/2 and enjoy!

      I’ve just this week started running again for the new run. Exclusive! Google ‘The Fan Dance’, but don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret for the moment 😉


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