#BASH! No.10

Welcome sinners to issue 10 of #BASH! A look at the latest blog posts from the world of atheism, secularism, and humanism.

When it comes to the Middle East, Asia, or North Africa, Muslims are killing Muslims on a daily basis, but you wouldn’t know that, looking at western media.

If however a Muslim is killed in Europe, the media is all over it, usually accompanied with words like ‘islamophobia’, and they are quick to speculate that it was probably some far right, white supremacist responsible.

Lately we have seen several Islamic sectarian murders here in Europe. Stephen Knight follows up on the latest murder of shopkeeper Asad Shah in Glasgow, where there is no doubt that faith is the main motivation for this heinous act.

Murder Suspect Admits Killing Shopkeeper Because He ‘Disrespected’ Islam

Let’s face it God is looking rather unsaleable of late thanks to organised religion, so @Godless_Mom steps into the role of PR for the omnipotent one, in her latest hilarious post.

Gods New Image

This week I give thanks to everyone that supported me in my first ever race for charity, and tell you how I got on.

Run Fat Boy, Run
Jen the humanist reflects on her sons contemplations of the larger issues of life.

A Childs Veiw of Humanism and Humanity

A wonderful insight into how easily we are moulded in this life, and how much pain it causes to find your inner peace. If there is only one blog you read this week, make it this one by Lucy.


When I Say I’m Just Me, I Really Am


Matthew James, author of ‘Only an Atheist Can Help God Save The World’ tickles our tastebuds with some tantalising tales of religious ridicule. If you haven’t yet sampled any of these wonderful witticisms, I suggest you do; and go and purchase a copy of ‘Only an Atheist’. I’ve only just started it, and it’s a thumbs up so far.

The Rise of Religious Comedies and Satire

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Thanks again

L’Humanité sans Frontières 


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