#HELP! No.4

Welcome to you, all my compassionate friends to issue four of #HELP!

Some of you may remember that at the back end of last year, there was a petition started to ban Donald Trump from entering Britain. Well now there’s a new petition on Avaaz. This is an open letter to tell him that we, as global citizens, stand against his fear, hate, and bigotry.

If you wish to tell this over inflated ego what an arse he is, then you are just a couple of clicks away from achieving it. Be sure to take a look at the rest of this weeks petitions to hit my inbox, and don’t forget to #SignAndShare!


While on the political battle field here in the UK, proportional representation has been banded about for over a decade, that I can recall, as a policy to gain power, and then instantly dropped upon getting the proverbial foot in the door. Well here’s a letter to Jeremy Corbyn, calling for him to support and implement representation.









Thank you all for taking the time to #SignAndShare the petitions that mean something to you. If only those in power, were as empathetic as you, maybe then this world would see a true and lasting peace and harmony.

Thank you again,

L’Humanité sans Frontières


click here for the last issue of #HELP!

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