#HELP! No.5

Here we are, five issues in, with some 50 odd individual petitions, and things are starting to settle down a little now. Maybe I have cleared the backlog, or maybe it’s just a slow week, only time will tell.

The year however, is just getting ramped up, and soon we will be feeling that warm sun on our backs. What better way to enjoy the summer than with a festival. The ‘Take Back Our World’ festival is happening in Devon. 15-17 July. Click the link below for early-bird tickets!


Air pollution is rampant here in the UK. Living with the smog in the capital is the equivalent of smoking 30 a day, so some say. Whether that is true or not, air pollution is cutting short some 40,000 lives a year, and something needs to be done, now!


TTIP is a huge pain in the backside, that nobody wants, and those involved don’t seem to be listening. When they keep the details from us, you know there has to be something wrong, so it’s time for us to shout out.

Wood burning power plants! C’mon people, no brainer it must end! Little known fact for you, Drax power import their wood from Louisiana! That’s right, it’s shipped across the Atlantic!   

If we still have to have zoos in the 21st century, then let’s treat these animals with the care and dignity they deserve.


For a company to take a country to court for protecting a rain forest is just insane. This needs to end!


About 10% of Britain gets the full Broadband speed they pay for. Something needs to be done here, and rather than advertising a maximum speed, how about a minimum Garantee?  

The lengths people go to protect their children from attacks saddens me. When are we going to stop blaming the victims, and start punishing the rapists?   

No, shark fins will not make you more virile, and will not fight off cancer. Soup consumption has come down by 70% in recent years, let’s take it off the menu completely. I hear butternut is lovely.

 Well that’s it for another issue of #HELP! If you have an issue you would like highlighted then send me a message.

If you’re new here, you can find the previous issue at the bottom of this post, please go take a look at all the petitions and get involved. As I always please #SignAndShare!

#HELP! No.4

L’Humanité sans Frontières 



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