#HELP! No.6

Welcome one and all, to another issue of #HELP!

Last month, the House of Lords voted in favour of a 28 day limit for detaining migrants without charge. The UK can currently hold people without charge indefinitely, a serious violation of human rights. Urge your local MP to pass this amendment to the Immigration Bill when it returns to the House of Commons by clicking the link below.

Once again, we are faced with another council trying to criminalise homelessness. Rather than helping these people in their time of need, they seek to push them from their doorstep and put the proverbial fingers in their ears.

Can you put your name to this petition calling on Putin to protect Antarctica’s Ross Sea, and the wildlife that inhabits this harsh environment?  Just click the link below.

No wonder the gap between rich and poor gets larger with each passing year. Here you can petition Marks & Spencer to pay its staff a living wage.

It is now a legal requirement to microchip our pet dogs, why aren’t we required to do the same for cats? After all, wouldn’t you be worried about your cat if you hadn’t seen it for a week? If you agree, the handy link below asks for precisely that.


Imagine coming home to find you had been burgled. This would be distressing enough, but to discover that your pets have been killed in the process, must be devastating.

Sign Laura’s petition to get justice for her three peacocks.

Children born with albinism in Malawi are being murdered, and their bones, and other body parts are being used for ritual healing. This awful, and pointless practice must end now, and you can help by clicking the picture link below, and adding your name.

Well that’s all for another week. I’d like to thank you all for your continued support and compassion.

L’Humanité sans Frontières 

New here? Can you help #SignAndShare! the petitions from last week? Click on the picture link below. Do you have a petition you would like me to share? Drop me a line, I’d be happy to help out. 

#HELP! No.5

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