#HELP! No.7

Welcome one and all to issue 7 of Help. No sooner have I published issue 6, I find myself starting this issue. Literally within the time it took to put the kettle on. This is the sad state of life in the  14th century…what do you mean 21st? Are you sure?

Nazanin Ratcliffe, a project manager for a global charity, was about to return to the UK, after a holiday to visit family in Iran. She has been in solitary confinement for over 30 days, been forced under duress, to sign a confession to unknown charges, and has been refused access to a lawyer or her 22 month old daughter, (who has had her British passport confiscated).

Please sign and share the following petition to ask David Cameron to help bring this family back together. 

In order to give some staff a ‘living wage’, the management at TESCO have decided, to take the money from the wages of other staff; effectively giving them a pay cut.

I know they only eked out a pre-tax profit of £162m for the year, but still…

Words actually fail me! How can anyone decide it will be fun to stomp the life out of a poor defenceless penguin? These penguins need some serious help, be it fencing or patrols.

The European Union Gas put together an action plan to combat animal trafficking. Three year of campaigning has led to this point, and member states come together on June 20th, and hopefully endorse the plan.

You can ensure that this happens by urging your ministers to back the plan. Simply click the following picture link and adding your name.

With all the bias this government gets from the BBC, let’s hope they decide not to cut the budget this week, for the amazing content put out by CBBC and CBeebies, to entertain our little ones, while we put the kettle on. But just in case, here’s a handy little petition to tell David Cameron not to cut the funding.

The production of foie gras has been banned in many countries, because of the cruelty to ducks and geese. France’s productIon has been on halt because of disease, but it’s set to start up next week. Click the following link to send an e-card to the French Agricultural Minister halting this repugnant practice.

Once again, I thank you all for your time and dedication to helping our fellow humans in their time of need. Signing and sharing these petitions may not seem like much, but it makes a huge difference at the sharp end of these issues. Again thank you.

L’Humanité sans Frontières,

Are you new here? Would you like to help some more? Click on the #HELP! picture link below for the previous issue, with more petitions that need your help.

If you have a petition you would like me to share, then please, contact me. Either with a comment below, or via the contact details in my about page. 



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