Along with my own posts that will cover a multitude of topics, I will also be publishing community magazines. These Ezines will highlight the latest petitions and charities, (#HELP!), and work from bloggers, (#BASH!), in the world of atheism, secularism, and humanism.

If you are a blogger, registered charity, or have a petition to share, and you would like your work showcased in these magazines, then please give me a shout, either as a comment on the relevant mag, via Twitter, or you can email me at thbmagz@gmail.com



It should go without saying, but obviously I have to, the views and opinions found on this website are of the individual authors and their respective posts, and comments only, and are in no way representative of the Humanist Blogger. If you want to know my views on any particular topic, just ask, I’m happy to let you know where I stand.

If you have concerns about an individual authors work, please feel free to politely leave a comment on the post that causes you concern. If you can’t iron out your issues, or at the very least, ‘agree to disagree’, or you have a problem with member/s who post here trolling, then email me thbmagz@gmail.com where I will be happy to have a civil, private conversation, and try to arbitrate.

My views are my own, and do not represent the views of my family, friends, employers, work colleagues, or those that choose to post here.

 L’Humanité sans frontières,



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