#HELP! No.7

Welcome one and all to issue 7 of Help. No sooner have I published issue 6, I find myself starting this issue. Literally within the time it took to put the kettle on. This is the sad state of life in the  14th century…what do you mean 21st? Are you sure? Continue reading “#HELP! No.7”

#HELP! No.5

Here we are, five issues in, with some 50 odd individual petitions, and things are starting to settle down a little now. Maybe I have cleared the backlog, or maybe it’s just a slow week, only time will tell. Continue reading “#HELP! No.5”

When I say I’m ‘just me’, I really am.

A very moving glimpse into how we are shaped, into who we are, and how hard it is to shake those bindings. My thoughts, and best wishes to you Lucy, and to your family, who must be missing that dad shaped hole.


I have been putting off writing for a few weeks now.  It’s coming up on the first anniversary of my late husband’s untimely death, my diagnosis of cancer, and the brutal fight over my atheism that ensued immediately after.

For those of you who did not know him, Robert was a very militant atheist.  He was loud and obnoxious about religion and became even more so after meeting me and understanding the plight religion had laid upon my life, much of which I am still recovering from to this day.

Robert was a decent man who had his own personal demons to fight.  He did the best he could with the life he had, although much of what he did was backwards and twisted, due to his own experiences.  But that is his story and it is not mine to tell.

His death came as utter shock to everyone who…

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#HELP! No.2

Many thanks to those of you who donated money to MSF and UNICEF, for my half marathon. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done, (2:12:13 for those interested, I will be putting my experience down in a post shortly), Continue reading “#HELP! No.2”