#HELP! No.2

Many thanks to those of you who donated money to MSF and UNICEF, for my half marathon. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done, (2:12:13 for those interested, I will be putting my experience down in a post shortly), Continue reading “#HELP! No.2”

#HELP! No.1

Welcome one and all to the first issue of #HELP! A quick look at the petitions and fundraisers that are going on right now, that you can help with. Continue reading “#HELP! No.1”

Sleeping with the Enemy

This week, British Prime Minister, Mr Cameron, has condemned the new ISIL video featuring, what has been stupidly dubbed by the media, the ‘new Jihadi John’ as “propaganda”. Yet strangely enough, has nothing to say on the matter of Saudi Arabia publicly beheading 47 people in a single day. Continue reading “Sleeping with the Enemy”