Causes and Petitions

As some of you may be aware, back in June 2015, I got up off the couch, and took up running. Why the hell, you ask would I want to punish myself in this way? Simple, “money”! As always money is a great motivator, and I am pushing myself to earn money for charity, namely Médecins Sans Frontières, and UNICEF, who I will be supporting for 2016.

If you wish to make a donation to either, or even both of these charities then use the following links to go to my Just Giving page.


As well as raising money for charity, I also want to raise awareness of all the issues facing the world today. Whether it be a petition to stop a local council from removing a dedication plaque, or fighting government on policy, if a petition has been started, I plan on highlighting these issues, and will do so in an Ezine style post called #HELP!

You will always find a link to the latest issue of #HELP! at the bottom of this page, or on my home page. Please go and take a look, to help out our global community; and don’t forget to #SignAnd Share! these issues via your social media platforms.

If you are a registered charitable organisation, or you have a petition that you would like me to highlight, then please, don’t hesitate, send an email to or a Tweet and I’ll put the word out.

 L’Humanité sans frontières,


click here to see the latest issue, and to help out.