The Fan Dance

So it’s been four weeks since I ran my first ever half marathon, and now I am back, pounding the trail, one footstep at a time, one click after another. Continue reading “The Fan Dance”


#HELP! No.4

Welcome to you, all my compassionate friends to issue four of #HELP! Continue reading “#HELP! No.4”

#HELP! No.2

Many thanks to those of you who donated money to MSF and UNICEF, for my half marathon. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done, (2:12:13 for those interested, I will be putting my experience down in a post shortly), Continue reading “#HELP! No.2”

#HELP! No.1

Welcome one and all to the first issue of #HELP! A quick look at the petitions and fundraisers that are going on right now, that you can help with. Continue reading “#HELP! No.1”